In my healing work, I incorporate many practices including chakra and aura clearing, energy medicine techniques, medical intuitive work, and spiritual guidance in healing sessions. I connect with divine beings to work through me for the highest good. In this way I allow divine love and light to flow through me for clearing and healing. During a session, I also offer instruction to empower you with self-healing techniques so you open further to your innate healing abilities and connect with your own divinity.

One-hour Healing Session $80

In Mt. Shasta, I also work together with my friend Saranam as collaborative teachers, guides and healers, blending decades of spiritual and healing experiences and techniques. Our deep connections to the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Mother Earth, dolphins, whales, elementals and nature spirits, and celestial beings from other realms have provided higher assistance in our work. Together we have accessed a powerful synergy of facilitating that can provide you with a creative and multi-faceted healing experience. We can assist you in clearing your core channel and field in order to bring in higher octaves of Light and expand consciousness.  We also offer spiritual retreats and workshops. For more information and my current offerings with Saranam, please visit www.celestialhealing.us.

Collaborative Healing Session with Saranam $140

Expressive Arts facilitation is an intuitive creative process in which I begin with an agreed upon intention, a short meditation and preliminary art exercises, guiding you into right brain to a state where you are able to tap into your deeper inner knowing and express it through visual art, writing, sound and/or movement. In an individual session, I usually work with only a two-part process of visual art and spontaneous writing to assist you to access answers and insights within yourself. I play music during the session to enhance the process and work alongside you. Group sessions are similar or may involve a variety of modalities. Based upon your desired outcome, I can facilitate the Expressive Arts process with intentions ranging anywhere from deep healing and growth to joy, expanded creativity and well-being. The Expressive Arts process is both very therapeutic and extremely enjoyable.

One-hour Expressive Arts session $80


Group Art and Expressive Arts Sessions

I am also available to lead group art or Expressive Arts sessions and workshops, and teach classes. Please contact me with questions or to arrange a group event. Group experiences may include Expressive Arts facilitation, Touch Drawing, soul collage, mask-making, vision boards or other modalities. (For more information on Touch Drawing, please see founder Deborah Koff-Chapin’s website www.touchdrawing.com.)


I received a two-year training as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, and have also been trained in shamanic journeying, EFT, Access Bars, Akashic Records, ACP- Certified Angel Practitioner through Charles Virtue, mediumship and animal communication, land healing, meditation instruction, and many other spiritual practices. I have been a member of Shambhala International, a Tibetan Buddhist community, and practice mindfulness meditation. Previously, I facilitated mindfulness and healing workshops as the co-founder of The Center for Creative Intelligence.

I completed a two-year Expressive Arts and Healing training (visual, writing, sound and movement modalities) at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. I have been a member of IEATA, the International Expressive Art Therapy Association. I am also trained in mindfulness, journal, clay therapies and Touch Drawing. I facilitate individual or group art sessions including Touch Drawing, mandala art, mask-making, soul collage, vision boards, and other expressive arts. Through my personal experience I know the arts heal, so I served as a community volunteer for 25 years in Florida as a tutor, mentor, literacy project chair, and art appreciation instructor, and facilitated art sessions for many years at a therapeutic group home for teenage girls. I also worked in a professional capacity as an Expressive Arts facilitator for a counseling center with girls and young women.